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The Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club was founded in 1988 by a few dedicated snowmobilers who believed in the sport and had a goal of promoting snowmobile trails in central lower Michigan.  We were formally recognized in 1991.  We maintain 102 miles of trails, through 5 counties;  Sponsors of the White Pine Trail (from Le Roy to just north of Rockford) and Pere Marquette Snowmobile Trail (from Clare to Reed City).

The Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club is a proud member of the Michigan Snowmobile Association.

Our trail system offers many trestles, tunnels and beautiful scenic views along the Muskegon River.  Our trails can connect you with the Cadillac, Irons, Wellston and Baldwin trail systems.

We provide both visitors and members alike with information about weather and current trail conditions.  (https://msasnow.org/trail-reports/pere-marquette-snowmobile-club/).

Our goal is to promote safe and responsible snowmobiling in central lower Michigan. To achieve that hundreds of hours are spent on the trails every year -- clearing brush and fallen trees and grooming the trails to be smooth so you can safely enjoy the sport you love.  Without our members we could not provide the safety we strive to maintain.  Help us keep our goal by joining our club.

We ask everyone to THINK SNOW and to always ride safe, sober and responsibly.

If you would like to become a member or need to renew your dues click on the file below.  It is printable and then just follow the instructions and mail it in with your payment.  Thank you very much!